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Project Description
Excel to Dynamics CRM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 makes it easier to the CRM users to upsert (update and/or insert) data from an Excel file.

The tool will analyse if the data in the Excel file are correct or not.
And if the data are correct, the tool will update the records in CRM, if he can match the excel line with an existing record, or he will create a new line.

I recommend to use the existing import feature of Dynamics CRM 2011, but in some specific case, this tool can be help you.

For the CRM Administrators, if you want to block this tool on your system, you have just to create a role ExcelToCRMImport.
If this role exist on your sytem, only the users with this role will be authorized to use this tools, if this role doesn't exist, all users can use this tool.

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The project is licensed under the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL)

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